41 single earning less than $2,500 per month with a CPF balance of just reaching $50K and the sole breadwinner of my family, never in my dreams would I thought that I would be able to purchase a 3-room flat. When a close friend of mine encouraged me to at least try to inquire the possibility, I turned him down many times thinking that I wouldn’t stand a chance. Little did I knew that it was possible, that dreams do come true, all I needed to do was, dial that number!

This is my home. I am a very proud owner of a 3NG resale flat right next door to that very friend who advised me to call Effande. My best-friend whom is now my neighbour.

This is mine and my mom’s first flat purchase. Before the purchase of our home, we have been renting an L-shaped studio from HDB and prior to that, living in relatives’ houses due to financial constraints. Hence, the feeling of being able to provide a permanent roof over our heads is indescribable.

It was love at 2 sights when I saw the neighbourhood and the flat. I’ve initially fallen for the neighbourhood when my best-friend accompanied me to his recently purchased home. That same night we looked through property guru to see if there are any 3 room for sale in the same block or at least nearby flats. I was thrilled that there was 1 that stood out and best of all it is in the same block! I quickly informed Effande and he made arrangements for me to meet the seller.

I am thankful for the efficiency that Effande and Nini provided, by checking the availability of the flat that I want immediately. The clear explanation and calculation ensured that I will have enough to pruchase this flat. Within a matter of days, the viewing date was confirmed.

I fell head over heels when the flat that we were viewing was the unique layout that I was looking for and the best thing was, it was just right next to my best-friend’s! This house, my home is nothing less than a modern day miracle!

“After an intensive renovation, it’s exactly 3 months since I moved in. I love my home and my neighbourhood more each day. I can’t thank enough the people who played a part in making my mom’s and my dream a reality. Yishun and her many wonders are where my heaven is.”  – The Bachelor –


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